Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Almost 37 Weeks...

...and my friend from childhood, Karen, is only about 3 weeks behind me. Here we are a few days ago. I have so many friends who are pregnant, or just recently delivered, that I feel like I'm part of another baby-boom!

This past week I finally quit procrastinating and got some paper work done for my maternity leave from school and pre-admission for the hospital. I had to go to the hospital to drop off a form and had a cute moment with Eliana: She knew where we were as soon as I drove up and started talking about how she was born at the hospital and the baby will be born here too, etc, when she suddenly stopped mid-sentence, got a very thoughtful and concerned look on her face, and said, "Wait a it February?" I had to laugh. In that moment she thought we were at the hospital to have the baby. It was very cute.

I keep getting the baby-name-question, though we're still no closer to actually deciding. From the beginning it's been between Jude and Luke, and we've more recently added Eli or Elijah to the list, but all through the pregnancy Eliana has been seriously adamant that the baby be named Luke. I've kept thinking she'll get over it as we keep trying to convince her that it's probably not going to be Luke, but she's insistent. Naming the baby boy that came with her doll house 'Luke' didn't help, because in her opinion, there can be two Lukes. More recently she's turned more manipulative about it, and it might be working. Instead of just insisting on Luke with a bit of an attitude, she's turned to more sadly begging, "But Mommy, I just really want to name my baby Luke". Eliana just might end up being the one to name the baby...

Not wanting to let go of Christmas...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Typical Virginia Beach Snow Day...

...NO SNOW! I don't understand why they do a snow day before a single flake has fallen. I didn't have to work today anyway, so it didn't matter to me, except for the needless 5:45am phone call informing me schools were closed. I didn't have the energy at that time to get out of bed to peer out the window at the beautiful blanket of snow, and I figured I could see it in a few more hours when Eliana woke me up. Well, at 9am, when I finally did get out of bed (thanks, Ellie!), there of course wasn't a single flurry in the air or on the ground, and there hasn't been since. Not a one. Gotta love it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're still alive!

Sorry it's been so long since I last updated. Do I have any readers left? ;) I've had computer and camera issues that are finally all solved, so...I'm back. I'll try to stay!

Here's a bit of a flash back that I've been meaning to post since time flies!
Eliana and her pumpkin at age one, two, and three:

Late November we spent a great day with our friends, the Odermans and Morgans.

Christmas time was a lot of fun. Eliana's been having a lot of fun with the doll house we gave her. We had a nice visit to New Jersey to visit family the week after Christmas. Eliana had a bit of a rough trip up there, though - threw up twice, and that was a new experience for the poor girl. She apologized for "spilling out". We were worried she had come down with something and envisioned everyone staying at the grandparents' house coming down with it (deja vu), but it seems it was just motion sickness. Thankfully we didn't have a recurrence on the way home!

I'll post again soon, I promise! Baby Boy's doing well, and I'm getting really big! I'll have someone take a picture I can post soon. A little late, but Happy New Year!