Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday I turned the big 3-0. There's something about reaching a new decade...but I have been very blessed in my thirty years. Just look at my beautiful family. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our first two weeks as a Family of Four

Stu's company offers two weeks of paternity leave, so Stu spent our first week with Luke home with us. He was a tremendous help keeping the house orderly and Eliana entertained. But after a week of playing ponies, Lincoln logs, and healing sick stuffed animals, Stu was ready to go back to work! I'm hoping he'll take the other week sometime soon. :)
This past week, Stu's dad came to visit from Missouri. He was also a lot of help with Eliana. She takes much more energy than Luke! We had a really nice visit with Grandpa and definitely appreciate him making the long trip to see us!

Luke's been a relatively easy baby so far. He cries for specific reasons, and then stops crying when the need is met! That's nice. He had his days and nights flipped for the first week or so, but that's been getting much better. Eliana loves being a big sister and has been very good with him.