Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Friend is Born!

Welcome to the world, Josiah Michael! Josiah was born this morning to my good friend from college, Melissa, and her husband Mike. I commented while we were visiting with them that it's amazing how much babies change in just five months. Doesn't seem that long ago at all that Luke was Josiah's size, and really, it wasn't! Luke is only five months older, almost to the day, so we expect them to be good buddies!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cow Appreciation Day

Free meal today at Chic-fil-A if you come dressed as a cow! It was fun...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We spent the fourth of July in downtown Norfolk enjoying Harborfest. We got down there early in the day, around 11am, and conveniently parked in Stu's work-day parking space, just a block from Waterside. Getting down there early was a good idea because no one else was there yet. :) Stu's office acted as a "home base" and was a great place to return to when the crowds got to be too much or we just needed a little down-time. Nauticus opened earlier than the festival, so we started out there and enjoyed walking around the museum for a couple of hours. Admission was only $4/adult with kids free, and you could come and go through out the day. We came back a couple of times to see different movies they were showing in the theater. Harborfest was a lot of fun, and not terribly crowded (during the day, anyway. It did get crazy closer to the fireworks). There were some fun acts to watch, and Eliana loved her little mermaid hat from Ryan-the-balloon-guy. It was a great fireworks display. How do you know you have good "seats" for the fireworks? You get showered in ash. Yup, we really did. Luke was great-didn't cry once, and actually fell asleep during the finale! We didn't get home until about 11pm and the kids were so good the whole time. We really had a great family day!